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As the weekend alone goes by...

Since last summer I have taken up a hobby.

As I am new to blogging, I am really excited about it. First thing is where to start - and this I decided to do according to my reality's rhythm. Sunday without #myboy since half a year is always a day of endorphin high - two classes in one day - boxing and Thai boxing.

Sports as a healthy addiction?

I am a sports freak, surely. I get up every morning around 5 a.m. and do 30 min to 1,5 hour sports at home. What sports and how I do it - I will get back to this. But my whole conscious life I dreamt of martial arts and with 36 years I decided to make the dream come true. Very spontaneous, best decision ever.

So imagine, this thin, short haired single mum, boxing away in a basement boxing club, which is swamped with testosterone, stinking of sweat, full of people who also found this to be their launching pad.

And... my saint neighbours, once-twice a week at 5 a.m. not only have a person jumping on their ceiling - they have ching-a-ling and groaning noises... I am lucky that they still never called the police 🤪

I love it. I love how it makes me feel stronger, makes me move slower and more consciously, how it feeds and awakens the masculine energy in me. It influences who I am in a good way.


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