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Forest exploration

I live next to a forest. A gloomy one in the winter time - but it is nature in the city, so a real miracle.

City family as we are

We live in a city, a big city in the Eastern Europe. In one of those really tall, post communist blocks on the 14th floor with an absolutely amazing view. My neighbours who came over to work at my place during the pandemic call it our "Manhattan".

The windows from one side of the apartment point to the city centre, from the other... to the forest. So when I was pregnant wih my first and only #myboy I took long walks in the nature imagining how we will stroll here together with the baby. Haha. He hates it, finds it borging most of the time, and I am almost never there!

What comes with parenthood is this total disilusion about what we imagine for ourselves in the future, and what life makes of it. So when #myboy is not there... I take #olothedog and we go wild. As wild as a 2kg yorkie can go. And we breathe this scent of nature we are blessed with.

I usually wear make up - but here you can see me no filter, sauté.

Have a great day, whichever part of the world you live in, I hope you also have nature around, somewhere near.

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