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My Wonderful Parents

Grandpa and grandma, mother and father, the connection to the lost world and a lesson of unconditional love.

My wonderful parents. The moment I became a parent myself was when I fully accepted the way they are. They are human, they taught me that humans are imperfect, that we make mistakes, but that we also do wonderful things. This time I will not write what issues they passed on to me, that I am constantly fixing. I will probably mention the things that I appreciate and I will definitely write that I am extremely lucky.

Hating one's parents

A lot of my friends hate their parents. When younger, I have never realised how many kids live a nightmare at home. Something that I never thought was possible. Nowadays, the apartment I was raised in is this extremely safe place, where I melt into sleepiness, where I turn into a person who lets others take care of here, where I sense more painfully the slipping of time. I wish my parents lived forever.

#myboy and his grandparents

As a mother I instinctively sense, that I am not capable of filling #myboy's cup to the full. On the contrary - I feel that the more loving input he has from adults, the better. It doesn't mean I agree with everything the others are teaching him. I expressively don't, but life has more colours than we are able to name and I don't think any of us knows for certain what others need and take from what comes to them - including our own kids. I am angry when my dad pushes my son to eat all that is on his plate, when he judges #myboy not his behaviours. I hate when my mom snaps at my son, forces him to kiss o hug her. So I tell #myboy, you can disagree, you can say no. You can say how you feel when the behaviour of others makes you feel bad. I let go of full control and appreciate that my son has a connection to the world that is passing away. That thanks to my dad he learns abstract humour. That thanks to my mom, he learns about nature, about plants, and how to be more self-reliant. And I don't even know exactly what else - because his vision of the world and what he gets from it is his own.

Loving my parents

I am a divorced, single mum, fighting everyday to not give up. I am independent and strong, not necessarily by choice but because my situation demands this of me. My bad partner choices have definitely been programmed by culture, personal predispositions and my parents' contribution to my upbringing. But because my parents have been able to show me unconditional love and acceptance I believe humans can bond for life. As friends, as family and as partners. I love you Mum, I love you Dad.


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