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So this is me, Barbara

Hi, I am Barbara. 37 years old, single working mum of a wonderful (of course I think he is wonderful) 5 years old boy, diagnosed with Asperger syndrome and an agresive, very difficult ex husband. Does this define me? Yes and no. Since my reality is what it is, it influences me lot. I change, bend, adjust and become who I am due to all this. 


As most people nowadays, I have a feeling that my relationships became somehow unnatural. Maybe because of this I experience a weird sense of loneliness. This is probably one of the reasons why I am starting this adventure with a blog. Second reason is definitely that I find it absolutely fascinating, how we can connect across all the borders.


So please, feel free to contact me. Just reach out, share your thoughts, I would love to know how others see reality - and learn from you all that can make this little world of mine a bit more satisfying.

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